eBooks in Thailand – Launch

June 15, 2010

I always loved the Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movies where they end up by saying, “Let’s put on a show!”  So much energy and creativity.  I had something like that happen to me a little while ago.  Mine went something like, “Let’s start a new business!”  Thus was born

eBooks in Thailand

I just read the other day that in the 60 days since its introduction, Apple has sold more than 2 million iPads.  One of the things you can do with an iPad is to read eBooks, or electronic reading material.  It is good that the world is changing since I have just written my first eBook.

Retired Life in Thailand is a sharing of experiences from my years of being retired here and helping prospective retirees, and it includes my writings from magazine articles and blog posts with a lot of added information.  We discuss what new retirees will probably encounter moving to and living in the Land of Smiles. What you will find in Retired Life in Thailand are discussions on how to go about making Thailand your home and how to understand the culture and people you will be living with.

I have been writing about retiring in Thailand for the last four years.  First, I started writing a monthly column for the Chiang Mai City Life magazine, and later developed a website, Retire 2 Thailand, where I lead prospective retirees to lots and lots of information about Thailand and how to retire here.  Later, I started this blog.

I thought the easiest way to get my book out would be to offer it as in eBook.  eBooks are less expensive than “paper” books, they’re simple to download, and are easy to read on your PC, or any one of the many eBook readers, including those ubiquitous iPads.  Take a look at Retired Life in Thailand to see more.  You can read a sample from the intro, and in the table of contents you’ll see what topics about retired life in Thailand I have covered.

Retired Life in Thailand is divided into  the sections: On Getting Your Retirement Started, On Daily Living in Thailand, On Staying Healthy, On Living in Thai Culture, and On the Thai Language.

Why start a new business?

Then I realized that I know lots of people who write about their experiences in Thailand.  And I set up eBooks in Thailand as Thailand’s eBook outlet for books about Thailand written by people who live or have lived here and know the country intimatately.

Check us out

eBooks in Thailand has just opened its virtual doors with the announcement on this blog.  Please check out Retired Life in Thailand as well as some of the other eBooks we have on offer presently.

We start our fledgling enterprise with a really comprehensive guide called the Expat Woman’s Guide to Living in Thailand. Then we have a Talking Textbook (with embedded recordings), Reading Thai Newspapers, and a collection of short stories called Occidental Adam, Oriental Eve. We are proud to offer a compilation of hundreds of beautiful photographs by local professional photographers, Digital Postcards of Thailand, and my own thoughts on retiring to the Land of Smiles, Retired Life in Thailand. More will be coming soon.

Prospective authors: If you have been looking for a way to get your writings “out there”, or if you already have written an eBook and are looking for another way to distribute it, contact us through http://ebooksinthailand.com/authors-page/ and maybe we can help.

Note:  I just got some feedback that the Internet Explorer browser is cutting off some of the text on our website.  Firefox and Google Chrome are working fine.  I am shocked to find that one of Microsoft’s products may have a bug.  Well, I’ve been here before and will try to find the fix asap.

June 21, 2010:  Got the problem with IE fixed.

eBooks in Thailand New Additions

Two new books have just come in since the launch, How to Make a Living in Paradise, by Phillip Wylie.  Mr. Wylie is a well known author in Thailand and the book’s title is pretty descriptive of what it is about.  And Looking for Mr. Rin, by Lawrence Whiting, a memoir of his experiences in northeast Thailand combined with a family and social history of the people of the northeast.  Check them both out.

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